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Developmental & Social Psychology Graduate Student, Mentor: Dr. Christia Brown
Development of Stereotypes, Discrimination, intersectionality
207 L Kastle Hall
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PHD Candidate, Biology, NSF Fellow
Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Retina, Retinal characterization of the African Spiny mouse
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Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
1605 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
Theoretical Physics, Holography (AdS/CFT)
CP 252
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Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
Quantum Field Theory, The Standard Model and Beyond, Neutrino Phenomenology
CP 267
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Clinical Psychology
cancer survivorship, tobacco use, health disparities
005 Kastle Hall
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Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
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MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
1206 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
CP 250
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MA Student, Teaching Assistant
Digital Geography, Queer Geographies, urban geography, Postcolonial Thought, Indigenous Thought, Critical cartography & GIS, Affect Theory, The Anthropocene, Central America
818 Patterson Office Tower
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19th and 20th century American history, Environmental History, gender and race, Progressive Era, Rural and Agricultural History
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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Guzman Lab
150-B CP
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Graduate Research Assistant, M.S. Student
Ecological restoration, Mined land restoration
218 Thomas Poe Cooper
412 996 0517
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Part Time Instructor
1406 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1862
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PhD Candidate
Critical Mapping and GIS, Digital geographies, Urban Geographies, Art Geographies
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Graduate Student
CP 36
859 257-3942
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Developmental Social Health Graduate Student
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Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies (AENS), Chemical Engineer
Sustainable Development, Commodity Chains and Networks, East Africa, Energy & Society, Energy Conversion, plastic waste
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Graduate Student
Algebraic and Geometric Combinatorics, graph theory, Polyhedral Geometry
702 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Candidate, Assistant Professor of English, Carson-Newman University, Director, Bonner Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, Carson-Newman University
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature and Culture, Comics and Graphic Novels, Literary Theory and Criticism, Community-Engaged Teaching, Philosophy and Literature
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A&S Podcast Producer
922 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
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PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
702 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
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HDI Coldstream Office
(859) 218-5959
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Teaching Assistant in Classics
1002 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1336
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Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
International Relations, International Security, Methodology, Cybersecurity
1605 Patterson Office Tower
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Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
Comparative Politics, Collective Action, Gender Politics
1606 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Tuesdays & Thursdays
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PhD Candidate
everyday geographies, intergenerational justice, critical pedagogy, Urban Geographies, Queer and Feminist Geographies, Political Geographies, Asian Studies, cultural geography, urban nighttime/public space
(859) 257-6956
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20th and 21st Century Latin American literature, Fantasy written by women, Women and Gender Studies, Critical Social Theory, Madness in Latin American literature, Queer and Disability studies.
1106 Patterson Office Tower
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Teaching Assistant
19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy;, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, History of Philosophy, Phenomenology, Critical Theory
POT 1406
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Anthropology Ph.D. Student
American landscapes, Ancient Maya archaeology, Archaeology, Archaeological Geophysics, #Environmental Geographies
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Graduate Student