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PHD Candidate, Biology, NSF Fellow
123 TP Cooper
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Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant, Comparative and American Politics
Censorship, Protest Music, Regime Survival
1605 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature and Culture, Film, Television, Nostalgia
1306 POT
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Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
Theoretical Astrophysics, Photoionization Modelling, Astronomical Spectroscopy, Interstellar Matter
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Graduate Student
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CP 36
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Graduate Student
Algebraic combinatorics
902 Patterson Office Tower
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Biological Chemistry, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
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Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
Political psychology, Identity Politics, Race and ethnic politics, American Politics, Political behavior, Gender Politics
1602 POT
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PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Rm. No. 1218 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
906 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
POT 718
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Graduate Student, Research Assistant
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Teaching Assistant in German Studies
German film, Language in Theatre, Second Language Acquisition, Gender and Sexuality Studies
1006 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6756
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Graduate Student
tropical geometry, graph theory
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[vuh-NES-sah] [han-VEE], Pronouns: she/her(s), Ph.D. Candidate
Historic Preservation, Lithic Technology, Morphometric Analysis, Southeastern Archaeology, Public Outreach and Education
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1st Year PhD Student
Financialization, Disasters, Insurance, Social Theory, Urban Landscapes, Affect, Apocalypse, Internet Geography
818 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: Thursdays 2-4PM
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Graduate Student
802 Patterson Office Tower
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Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
International Relations, One-sided Violence, Violence against civilians, Sexual violence in armed conflict, Nonstate Actors, Political behavior
1602 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
CP 252
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1122 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
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Thesis Master's Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
Touch Reception, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology
311A T. H. Morgan Building
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Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
JHE274's picture
Graduate Student
Nuclear Physics (Experiment), Laser Spectronomy, Atomic Physics
Chem-Phys Bldg 317
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GWS PhD Candidate , Teaching Assistant
Affect, Contemporary Social and Critical Theory, Populism, Gender and Nationalism, Social Movements
111 Breckinridge Hall
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Graduate Student
722 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
802 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student, French and Francophone Studies, Teaching Assistant
1006 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
1706 Patterson Offie Tower
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SRB 309
(719) 313-8529
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Graduate Student
(859) 494-5941
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
722 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
718 Patterson Office Tower