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Aimee Imlay

Aimee is a poverty researcher and political sociologist who examines the relationship between class inequalities and the political economy. Broadly, her research aims to highlight the relationship between policy and poverty and related measures of hardship. Aimee's work promotes policy change to enhance the well-being and economic conditions for people and communities experiencing poverty.


M.A., Sociology, San Diego State University, 2018.

B.A., Sociology, University of California San Diego, 2009.

Selected Publications.

Ashwood, Loka, Aimee Imlay, Danielle Diamond, Allen Farnco, and Lindsay Keuhn. Forthcoming. Right-to-Farm's Might and Hype: A State-by-State Guide to Understanding and Reforming America's Most Controversial Agricultural Laws. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press. 

Brown, Robyn, Gabrielle Ciciurkaite and Aimee Imlay. 2020. “Gender Differences in the Association between Functional Limitation and Depressive Symptoms: The Salience of Food  Insecurity” Women and Health 60(7): 735-747.