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Jeffrey Zamostny


2007-present PhD program, Hispanic Studies, University of Kentucky;
2008-2010 Graduate Certificate in Social Theory, University of Kentucky;
2003-2007 BA in Spanish, McDaniel College (Westminister, Maryland)
Valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude, Honors in Spanish, Honors Program;
2005-2006 Programa Especial Integrado, Universidad de Salamanca (Spain);
2004 Summer Spanish School, Middlebury College (Middlebury, Vermont)


I am currently Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of West Georgia.  I will defend my completed dissertation "Faustian Figures: Modernity and Male (Homo)sexualities in Spanish Commercial Literature, 1900-1936" in January of 2012.  



Directed by Dr. Susan Larson, my dissertation “Faustian Figures: Modernity and Male (Homo)sexualities in Spanish Commercial Literature, 1900-1936” argues that commercial novels and plays from early twentieth-century Spain often present male (homo)sexual characters as a point of constellation for anxieties regarding modernization in Madrid and Barcelona.  In texts by Jacinto Benavente, Josep Maria de Sagarra, El Caballero Audaz, Antonio de Hoyos y Vinent, Carmen de Burgos, Álvaro Retana, Eduardo Zamacois, and Alfonso Hernández-Catá, concerns about technological and socioeconomic change converge upon hustlers and blackmailers, queer seducers, and chaste inverts.  I examine these figures alongside an allegorical interpretation of Goethe’s Faust in Marshall Berman’s book All That is Solid Melts into Air: The Experience of Modernity (1982) so as to foreground their varying responses to the conditions of modern life.  They alternately market themselves in order to prosper under consumer capitalism, seduce others into savoring urban pleasures, or fall tragically to the conflicting pressures of tradition and change.  My future research will expand upon my doctoral thesis to consider the circulation of discourses about modernity and sexuality between Spain and the Americas in the decades prior to the Spanish Civil War.  

Selected Publications:


“Constructing Ethical Attention in Lucía Puenzo’s XXY: Cinematic Strategy, Intersubjectivity and   Intersexuality.”  Children and Teenagers in Latin American and Spanish Film.  Ed. Georgia Seminet and Carolina Rocha.  New York: Palgrave Macmillan.  Forthcoming. 

“Canon Formation and Diversity: Latin American Gay Literature in the Global Market.”  Chasqui 40.2 (2011).  Forthcoming November, 2011. 

“El malestar estomacal en La de Bringas de Galdós.”  Decimonónica 7.1 (2010): 61-75.

“Comings Out: Secrecy, Sexuality, and Murder in Michael Nava’s Rag and Bone.”  MELUS 34.3 (2009): 183-204.

“¡Todos a bordo!: Viajes al tercer sexo madrileño en A Sodoma en tren botijo de Álvaro Retana.” Divergencias 7.1 (2009): 55-60.