Picture Name Contact
gmha234's picture
Adjunct Professor
Religion and international relations, Religion and foreign policy, Transnational social advocacy, Human trafficking
No permanent office, contact for appointments
CMHINE2's picture
Visiting Lecturer
829 Patterson Office Tower
jmjo245's picture
Visiting Assistant Professor
1606 Patterson Office Tower
mko276's picture
Visiting Scholar
Appalachian Center
lma232's picture
Post. Doc.
POT 707
tme247's picture
jtshel4's picture
Visiting Scholar
Critical cartography & GIS, Digital geographies, Big Data, urban geography, Socio-spatial theory, Geographic thought and methodology
817 Patterson Office Tower
gvy222's picture
Visiting Assistant Professor
Economic Sanctions, International Cooperation, International Security, Social Network Analysis
1659 Patterson Office Tower
etwe225's picture
Visiting Associate Professor
Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Public policy, American Philosophy, Philosophy of Leadership
1407 Patterson Office Tower
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