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Year of Cultures Without Borders

Welcome to the Year of Cultures without Borders! We are looking forward to an exciting year of both virtual and in-person events (conditions permitting). The idea behind this Passport program is to engage students in critical thinking about the meaning of the state, national, and other kinds of borders - especially when such borders serve to exclude peoples. The events and classes that form the basis of this yearlong exploration highlight the mismatch between a group’s cultural identity and its geopolitical status. We will explore the multifaceted identities, histories, and cultures of minoritized and displaced people in the world today. Those groups find themselves on the edge of communities and struggle for recognition and understanding. Many of the forums, presentations, and other conversations will examine the importances of language and culture, delving into the ways in which statehood (or lack thereof) influences identities as well as the role played by an historic or mythical homeland. The significance of an identity with a state that is in competition or in harmony with other identities is crucial for stateless peoples.

To see what events and classes are available, click the tabs at the top of this page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the organizers: