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Spring Events

Below you will find a list of information regarding the events that will be held in Spring 2022 as part of the Year of Cultures without Borders. This information is current as of March 29, 2022.You should check back for information prior to attending any event.

Date Time Location Title Contact info


7pm ONLINE - register here The Languages of Israel

Jan Fernheimer

1/27/2022 6pm ONLINE (see flyer)

Cultures without Borders Keynote Event

Full panel video available here

Jennifer Cramer

2/9/2022 12pm GSC 330A (see flyer)

Gender, Ethnicity, and Intersectionality:

Diversity in European Cabinets

Tiffany Barnes

2/11/2022 7pm GSC Worsham Cinema 

(see flyer)
International Village showing of "Tokyo Godfathers"

Marro Inoue

2/24-25/2022 10am-3:15pm

each day
ONLINE (see flyer) KYWGS Conference: 

Keynote presentation by P. Carl

Snehal Sharma

3/4/2022 7pm GSC Worsham Cinema

(see flyer)
International Village showing of "All of Me/Llévate Mis Amores"

Marro Inoue

4/1/2022 3:30pm John Jacob Niles Gallery - Lucille Little Fine Arts Library

and online (see flyer)

Ann Kingsolver

4/1/2022 7pm GSC Worsham Cinema

(see flyer)
International Village showing of "La Vie en Rose"

Marro Inoue

4/13/2022 2pm Singletary Center Recital Hall Breaking Barriers in Bourbon

Jan Fernheimer


4/13/2022 4pm PH 218 and PH 118 (see flyer) Lexington: A City of Cultures without Borders

Marro Inoue

4/15/2022 3pm ONLINE - join here (see flyer) On the Theatrical Front: Lessons From Palestinian Performance

Ghadir Zannoun