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Keynote event: Cultures without Borders: Diaspora, Stateless Peoples and Minorities

ONLINE - see flyer
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Vera Solovyeva (American Museum of Natural History), Hilaria Cruz (University of Louisville), Ethel Brooks (Rutgers University), and Diane King (UK, moderator)

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Flyer available here.

We have composed a panel of experts who will take part in a roundtable event designed to discuss the experiences of people around the world who do not necessarily identify with any specific nation-state but find themselves still in a complicated situation with respect to belonging.

Dr. Solovyeva will discuss the Sakha people of Siberia. Dr. Cruz will discuss the Chatino people in Oaxaca, Mexico. Dr. Brooks will discuss the Roma people of Europe. Dr. King (UK Anthropology) will serve as moderator. The event will take place as a Zoom Webinar. Click here to join the webinar.