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KYGWS Conference Keynote presentation by P. Carl

virtual, zoom
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Dr. P. Carl

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Dr. Carl is an artist, activist, and scholar. He is a Distinguished Artist in Residence at Emerson College. He is the author of the memoir, Becoming a Man: The Story of a Transition. His work has been published in the New York Times Magazine, The Boston Globe Magazine, and Lit Hub. He is currently working on the stage adaptation of his book, Becoming a Man.

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Cultures without Borders is a sponsor of the keynote presentation by Dr. P. Carl, to be given as part of the Fourth Annual Kentucky Gender and Women’s Studies Conference. This year’s theme of the conference is “Gender, Sex, and Politics: On Power, Identity and Biopolitics” that will address the issues related to bodily rights and autonomy across nations. This conference aims to create an intellectually stimulating space for graduate students, activists and faculty to exchange and develop their thoughts on contemporary academic and political conversations across different disciplines, approaches, and positions.

This is a two-day virtual conference and each day’s session will start with the talk given by our keynote speakers. On Feb 24, Dr Carol Mason will start the session and on Feb 25, Dr. P Carl will talk give the talk.

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