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LACLS Annual Symposium: Migration, Nation, and Identity in the Caribbean

Cornerstone Theatre

The symposium will feature two outside guest speakers, with a roundtable discussion of UK professors (Ana Liberato, Sociology; Karieann Soto-Vega, WRD; Devyn Spence Benson, History) and presentations by graduate students in the LACLS certificate program.

Dr. Sherina Feliciano-Santos ((co)sponsored by the Linguistics Department): Dr. Feliciano-Santos is a linguistic anthropologist at the University of South Carolina. She works on Taino language revitalization and issues of language and identity in Puerto Rico. She just published a book with Rutgers UP, A Contested Caribbean Indigeneity: Language, Social Practice, and Identity within Puerto Rican Taíno Activism.

Dr. Andrea Morris from the Department of Comparative Literatures at Louisiana State University. Dr. Morris has published widely on Cuban culture and literature and is author of Migrant and Tourist Encounters: The Ethics of Im/mobility in 21st Century Dominican and Cuban Cultures (Routledge 2020).