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Alexis M. Le Grand

My Advisors/Mentors


Ph.D. Advisor

Jonathan M. Golding


M.A. Thesis Chair Jeffrey S. Neuschatz Ph.D.
Undergraduate Advisor Deah S. Quinlivan Ph.D.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville                                                           Huntsville, AL

M.A. Experimental Psychology                                                                              2018 - 2020            

Florida Southern College, Magna Cum Laude                                                    Lakeland, FL

B.S. Psychology, Minor in Spanish                                                                         2014 - 2017

Selected Publications:

Le Grand, A. M., *Jenkins, B. D., Golding, J. M., Neuschatz, J. S., *Pals, A. M., & Wetmore, S.A. (2021). The Sobering Effects of Jailhouse Informant Testimony on Perceptions of an Intoxicated Rape Victim. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 43(3).

Le Grand, A. M., Neuschatz, J. S., Golding, J. M., *Jenkins, B. D., & Cutler, B. L. (in press). A step too far: The problems with gait analysis. In M.K. Miller & B.H. Bornstein (Eds.), Advances in psychology and law. Advances in Psychology and Law, vol 6.

Golding, J. M., Neuschatz, J. S., *Rawn, K. P., Lippert, A., Bornstein, B. H., *Pals, A. M., & Le Grand, A. M. (2022). The Influence of Jailhouse Informant Testimony on Jury Deliberation. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.

*Jenkins, B. D., Le Grand, A. M., Golding, J. M., Lynch, K. R., & +Wolbert, G. (2020). The Impact of Threat Type and Prior Abuse History on Perceptions of Intimate Partner Sexual Coercion. Violence Against Women.