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Eric Ingram

Research Interests:
Clinical Neuropsychology
Traumatic Brain Injury
Clinical assessment methodology

Psychology B.S., Brown University 2021

Graduate Training
Selected Publications:

Karr, J. E., Zuccato, B. G., Ingram, E. O., McAuley, T. L., Merker, B., & Abeare, C. A. (2022). The post-concussion symptom scale: Normative data for adolescent student-athletes stratified by gender and preexisting conditions. The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Ingram, E. O., & Karr, J. E. (2022). Depression and anxiety have a greater association with postconcussion symptoms than a remote history of sport-related concussion in college students. Translational Issues in Psychological Science.

Karr, J. E., Zuccato, B. G., Ingram, E. O., Considine, C. M., Merker, B., & Abeare, C.
A. (Under Review). Subtypes of Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms.

Ingram, E. O., Karr, J. E. (Under Review). The Sports Concussion Assessment Tool:
A Multidimensional Model for Identifying Persistent Post-Concussion

Karr, J. E., Chen, S., Ingram, E. O., Logan, T.K. (Under Review). Repetitive Head Injury
and Cognitive, Physical, and Emotional Symptoms in Women Survivors of
Intimate Partner Violence

Ingram, E. O., Karr, J. E. (Under Review). Multivariate base rates of potentially
problematic scores on the NIH Toolbox Emotion Battery.