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Iain Edgewater

Research Interests:
Language Change
Historical linguistics
Anthropological linguistics and linguistic anthropology
Psychodynamic aspects of language
Psychological anthropology
Translation studies
NLP and computational linguistics
Southeast Asian languages (esp. Austronesian and Austroasiatic)
Native languages of North America (esp. Pacific Northwest)
Celtic languages


Note: I am on leave of absence until fall 2024, primarily to attend to ongoing family matters.


I've probably listed too many discrete interests up there ^^^, but they can be grouped into a handful of broad themes:


*** Intersections of linguistic behavior and "inner" aspects of the mind.  Here, there are two main project areas I'm thinking about at the moment:

===> My master's thesis will center on a particular issue from Indonesian morphophonology, and use that to touch on issues related to current debates about underlying representations.  What are URs? Are they more like "things" or "processes"? How much does it matter? et cetera.

===> How motivational / emotional elements get mixed up with language. Here, I'm thinking about some historical processes of language change in the Pacific Northwest, and their possible ethnopsychological aspects.

(I'm also interested in these projects because of my long-standing interests in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Northwest, both left over from a previous run at a PhD in anthropology [sadly interrupted by Life].)

*** Fairly linguistically focused depth studies regarding morphology.  Here's where Celtic comes in (e.g. initial consonant mutation dynamics, and so forth), as well as Salish (again).  I'm also interested in VSO word ordering (Celtic, Salish, some Austronesian), but still finding my way on morphosyntax.

*** Translation studies, including prospects for improving automated translation, as well as "classic" literary translation studies.

Main foci right now (when not busy with non-academic life) include beefing up my programming skills (mostly Java and R at the moment), refurbishing my long-dormant Russian a bit, delving into the Latin I always meant to learn but never did, ditto Cornish (the language of [some of] my ancestors).  And Indonesian too, of course.

So there's a bit of context for that long list of interests.  I hope to be back at UK as soon as possible, to advance them more quickly!

== Persiapkan hari ini sebaik-baiknya, untuk menghadapi hari esok yang baru. ==


Brief academic biography



MA, 2025 (expected), Linguistics - University of Kentucky
      + Indonesian language study at U. of Hawai'i Mānoa, fall 2022
      + Ongoing independent work on Indonesian, Lushootseed,
         Cornish and Welsh, and Latin

MA, 1993 (& ABD 1994), Anthropology - Emory University
      + Vietnamese language study at multiple SEASSI programs, and
         through CIEE in Hanoi, 1991-1993.

BA, 1990, Anthropology and Psychology - University of Kentucky

Additional non-degree coursework in mathematics, computer science, information technology, and English, Edmonds Community College, 2017-2020.


Teaching experience:

*** Instructor of record (Type I teaching assistant), 2021-2022
      - University of Kentucky, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
       (Technical Writing x2/2 semesters)

*** Instructor and Tutor, 2004-2007
      - Princeton Review Northwest (Seattle region)
       (LSAT, MCAT)

*** Adjunct instructor of anthropology, 1995-1996
      - Seattle University, Department of Sociology
       (Intro to Cultural Anthropology *4, Culture and Personality, Northwest Coast Peoples)

*** Co-instructor [with Dr Fredrik Barth and Dr Alexander Hinton], 1993
      - Emory University, Department of Anthropology
       (Southeast Asian Cultures)

*** Teaching assistant / lab instructor
      [with Dr Charles Nuckolls, Dr Michael Harkin, Dr Euclid O. Smith], 1991-1992, 1994
      - Emory University, Department of Anthropology
       (Intro to Cultural Anthropology *2, Intro to Physical Anthropology [lab])


Selected publications and presentations:

*** Edgewater, I. D. (2022). Toward deep motivation as a factor in language change: Notes on the nasal->stop transition in Lushootseed (Puget Salish).  Paper given at the 10th Annual Central Kentucky Linguistics Conference (CKLiC), April 2022, Lexington, Kentucky.

*** Edgewater, I. D. (1999).  Music hath charms...: Fragments toward constructionist biocultural theory, with attention to the relationship of "music" and "emotion".  In A. L. Hinton (Ed.), Biocultural Approaches to the Emotions (Pp. 153-181).  Cambridge University Press.