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Iain Edgewater

I will be on a leave of absence during the 2022-2023 school year, though hovering nearby. :)

I'm taking care of some family things, some health things, and also studying Indonesian through the University of Hawai'i distance learning program.

== Tak ada rotan, akar pun jadi ==


Brief academic biography


MA, 1993 (& ABD 1994), Anthropology - Emory University.

Vietnamese language study at multiple SEASSI programs, and in Hanoi, 1991-1993.

BA, 1990, Anthropology and Psychology - University of Kentucky.

Additional coursework in mathematics, computer science, information technology, and English, Edmonds Community College, 2017-2020.


Teaching experience:

Instructor of record (Type I teaching assistant), 2021-2022
- University of Kentucky, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
(Technical Writing x2/2 semesters)

Instructor and Tutor, Princeton Review Northwest, 2004-2007

Adjunct instructor of anthropology, 1995-1996 - Seattle University, Department of Sociology
(Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4 quarters, Culture and Personality, Northwest Coast Peoples)

Co-instructor, 1993 - Emory University, Department of Anthropology
[with Dr Fredrik Barth and Dr Alexander Hinton] (Southeast Asian Cultures)

Teaching assistant / lab instructor, 1991-1992, 1994 - Emory University, Department of Anthropology
[with Dr Charles Nuckolls, Dr Michael Harkin, Dr Euclid O. Smith]
(Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 2 semesters, Introduction to Physical Anthopology [lab])


Selected publications and presentations:

Toward deep motivation as a factor in language change: Notes on the nasal->stop transition in Lushootseed (Puget Salish).  Paper given at the 10th Annual Central Kentucky Linguistics Conference (CKLiC), April 2022, Lexington, Kentucky.

Edgewater, Iain D.  1999.  Music hath charms...: Fragments toward constructionist biocultural theory, with attention to the relationship of "music" and "emotion".  In Biocultural Approaches to the Emotions, ed. Alexander Laban Hinton.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.