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John Dilworth


I'm currently pursuing a PhD in Geology at the University of Kentucky.  My work currently involves evaluating lake archival records to determine the environmental changes within extant lakes since the last glacial maximum. My research interests include surficial and geomorphic studies of paleolake and glacial systems, paleolimnology studies of extant alpine lakes and geophysical applications to surficial and geomorphic questions.   

About Me

I have a strong passion for the discipline of surficial geology and paleolimnology, with interest in using geophysical methods in conjunction with traditional subsurface coring techniques to evaluate deltaic and lacustrine environments.  I’m an extremely driven researcher and welcome any opportunity for field work or lab experience.  A passion I developed in graduate school was for teaching.  Having the opportunity to pass on skills and information learned to others was one of the most rewarding experiences of my graduate program.  Presently, I'm pursuing a PhD with the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at the University of Kentucky.



2020 - Present

University of Kentucky

PhD in progress

2015 - 2017

University of Toledo

M.S. in Geology

2010 - 2015

University of Toledo

B.S. of Geology