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Lewis Dominguez

I'm a graduate student and my advisor is Dr. Nathaniel Stapleton (website). My research interests lie within Adams operations and power operations, specifically in regards to relations between such operations on the Burnside Ring. I'm also a member of the University of Kentucky 'Bourbon Seminar', which has recently been investigating exponential elements in the divided power algebra of a global Mackey functor.

As of the Spring 2023 Semseter, I have taught the following courses:

  • MA 110 (Recitation Leader)
  • MA 113 (Recitation Leader)
  • MA 123 (Recitation Leader)
  • MA 213 (Recitation Leader)
  • MA 113 Math Excel (Recitation Leader)
  • MA 111 (Instructor)
  • MA 241 (Instructor)
  • MA 109 CoReq (Instructor)

You may find any course information (such as the syllabus) on canvas in the appropriate module. My office is POT 702, and I am happy to accept appointments outside of the hours I've listed on canvas.

You may find my most current CV here.