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Mohammadreza 'Zaki' Zakeri

Research Interests:
Theoretical particle physics
My Research

My research forms a bridge between particle physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) and astrophysics, with a specific focus on the theoretical implications for the high-density environments of neutron star interiors. I explore how interactions within these stars might link astrophysical phenomena at large scales—such as pulsar spin and binary system dynamics—to the underlying principles of particle physics, particularly baryon number violation. In my investigations of new particles and symmetries, I draw on my background in BSM model building. This experience comprises of skills needed for tackling questions surrounding the origins of dark matter and neutrino mass, and discerning their experimental signatures, both in colliders and underground detectors.






  • B.Sc., Physics, Sharif University of Technology (2012)
  • Ph.D., Theoretical Particle Physics, University of California, Riverside (2017)
Selected Publications: