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Rachel E. Davis

Research Interests:
Gender and Sexuality
Social Media
Sexual Labor
Gendered Violence

Rachel is a Sociology PhD Candidate at the University of Kentucky with expertise in critical criminology, digital sociology, gender inequalities, and sexual labor. Her goal is to further the movement for social justice locally, nationally, and globally through education and activism.

Selected Publications:

Davis, Rachel, and Renzetti, Claire. 2020. “Is Religious Self-Regulation a Risk or Protective Factor for Men’s Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration?” Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance Online Publication. doi:10.1177/0886260520985497.


Davis, Rachel. “Nymphet Femme Fatales: Lolita, Lana Del Rey, and the Construction of Postfemininities on Tumblr.” (R&R)


Love, Tony P., Jenny L. Davis, Rachel E. Davis, William Fisher, and Rachel Barczak. “Assessing Collective Identity (Non)Verification with Social Media Data through Web Scraping, Sentiment Analysis, and Qualitative Coding.” (R&R)


Noe, Marcia, Rachel Davis, and Brittain Whiteside-Galloway. 2014. "Performative Fashion in the Short Fiction of Kate Chopin." Midwestern Miscellany 42:19-31.