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Rosana Zenil-Ferguson

Research Interest

Phylogenetic Comparative Methods


Botany (Polyploidy)

Speciation and Extinction


Plant Macroevolution

My lab at the University of Kentucky develops new mathematical models and statistical tools to solve key questions of plant macroevolution. I focus in understanding how plant traits and polyploidy evolve and how changes in these traits link to the diversification patterns we observe in the tree of life.

Selected Publications:

Zenil-Ferguson, R., McEntee, J.P., Burleigh, J.G. and Duckworth, R.A. Linking ecological specialization to its macroevolutionary consequences: An example with passerine nest site. Biorxiv

Tribble, C.M., May, M.R., Jackson-Gainu, A., Zenil-Ferguson, R., Specht, C.D., and Rothfels, C.J. Unearthing modes of evolution of hierarchical morphological traits: differences in root morphology underlie climatic adaptation in the Liliales. 2022. Systematic Biology. In press. pdf 

Helmstetter, A.J., Glemin, S., Käfer, J., Zenil-Ferguson, R., Saquet, H., de Boer, H., Dagallier, L-P. M. J., Mazet, N., Reboud, E.L., Couvreur T. L. P., Condamine, F.L. 2022 Pulled Diversifica- tion Rates, Lineage-Through-Time Plots and Modern Macroevolutionary Modelling. Systematic Biology. 71(3): 758-773. pdf

Zenil-Ferguson, R., Burleigh, G., Igić, B., Freyman, W.A., Mayrose, I. and Goldberg, E.E., 2019. Interaction among ploidy, breeding system, and lineage diversification. New Phytologist. 224(3):1252-1265. pdf