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Sharon Chen

B.S.E., Materials Science and Engineering & Psychology, Case Western Reserve University, 2020

My career has been anything but linear: I actually began as an engineering student at Case Western Reserve University. In between semesters of classes, I worked full-time in industry (i.e., at engineering companies) for several months. I graduated with a B.S.E. in Materials Science and Engineering, with a secondary major in Psychology and a minor in Business Management in January 2020. Moreover, I shifted my application-based research interests towards the field of psychology. Initially, as an undergraduate researcher, I conducted research on depression and suicidality in the adult population. For my post-baccalaureate experience, I joined the Lab for Scalable Mental Health at Stony Brook University to implement ecological momentary assessment (EMA) for longitudinal data collection and online, single-session interventions as a brief form of treatment for adolescents with depression.

My research interests are now centered around psychometrics and neuropsychological assessments, particularly in cross-cultural contexts. In addition, I am interested in the user experience related to questionnaires and assessments.

Outside of research, I love diving into artistic projects, including curating my island in Animal Crossing New Horizons and painting canvases. I also enjoy mentoring and have done so in both informal and formal settings, such as research labs and Psychin' Out, a group dedicated towards disseminating resources and support to aspiring and current psychology professionals.

Research Interests:
Clinical Neuropsychology
Clinical assessment methodology
Graduate Training