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Tareq Hossain

Research Interests:
Perovskite Solar cells
Ligand binding efffect on the energetics and optical properties of perovskites
Photoelectron spectroscopy
Selected Publications:
  1. Hossain, T.; Joy,S.; Draffen, K.; Bright, R.; Johnson, S.; Graham, K.R.. Oxidation in tin halide perovskite: Influence of acidic and basic additives. ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2023.
  2. Park, S. M.; Wei, M.; Lempesis, N.; Yu, W.; Hossain, T.; Agosta, L.; Carnevali, V.; Atapattu, H. R.; Serles, P.; Eickemeyer, F. T.; Shin, H.; Vafaie, M.; Choi, D.; Darabi, K.; Jung, E. D.; Yang, Y.; Kim, D. B.; Zakeeruddin, S. M.; Chen, B.; Amassian, A.; Filleter, T.; Kanatzidis, M. G.; Graham, K. R.; Xiao, L.; Rothlisberger, U.; Grätzel, M.; Sargent, E. H.. Low-loss Contacts on Textured Substrates for Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells. Nature 2023.
  3. Uddin, M. A.; Hossain, T.; Kothalawala, N. L.; Joy, S.; Kim, D. Y.; Graham, K. R. Multifunctional Thiol-Containing Additives for Improved Photoluminescence and Photovoltaic Performance of Cs0.15FA0.85PbI3Perovskites. ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 2022.
  4. Forlano, K. M.; Roy, C. R.; Mihalyi-Koch, W.; Hossain, T.; Sanders, K.; Guzei, I.; Graham, K. R.; Wright, J. C.; Jin, S.. High Layer Number (n = 1–6) 2D Ruddlesden–popper Lead Bromide Perovskites: Nanosheets, Crystal Structure, and Optoelectronic Properties. ACS Materials Letters 2023, 2913–2921.